We make impact investable

A Pioneer in Investing for Impact

Calvert Impact Capital is a global nonprofit investment firm helping all types of investors and financial professionals invest in solutions people and the planet need. We're proud of our 25-year track record providing positive social and environmental impact and financial returns — without compromising either.

Not your average investor

We don't just avoid harmful industries, we have raised billions of dollars to proactively finance solutions to climate change and inequality around the world.

Calvert Impact Capital channels investments to high impact organizations that you won't find in the S&P 500. From renewable energy funds providing affordable solar products in Sub-Saharan Africa to small business lenders targeting underserved populations in the US, our investments advance environmental and economic justice. Through our flagship product, the Community Investment Note®, we’ve supported hundreds of thousands of high impact organizations and benefitted millions of lives around the world while maintaining a 100% repayment rate to more than 19,000 lifetime investors.

Our investor DNA is different

Gender equity, racial justice, climate impact — these are not afterthoughts for us, they are inherent in our investment process and impact measurement and management procedures. Visit our Resources page to learn more.

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