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Eureka Recycling is a zero waste organization and non-profit mission-based recycler dedicated to demonstrating that waste is preventable, not inevitable. Eureka has provided recycling services and zero waste education to the Twin Cities metro since 2003. Eureka believes that by systematically addressing the way we manage our resources, we can create real-world solutions to the most pressing issues of our time, including: mitigating climate change, supporting strong local economies, and cultivating healthy and equitable communities.

Eureka sorts and processes over 100,000 tons of material every year, and unique in the industry of recycling, provides living wage jobs with benefits to each of their employees. Their drivers have been unionized since 2010 and since their onset Eureka has paid over $75 million dollars in wages -- providing over 100 good green jobs for their local community.

Beyond recycling operations, other examples of their zero-waste work include studies on the benefits of composting, preventing wasted food, and textiles recycling, advocating for local and federal recycling policy, and engaging their local community through their recycling facility tour program and other educational activities and events.

Calvert Impact Capital participated in a loan led by RSF Social Finance with co-participant Closed Loop Fund, enabling expansion of Eureka's Materials Recycling Facility as well as truck fleet.

Check out the video below to learn more about Eureka's recycling process and how recycling affects communities, the local economy, and the environment!

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Impact Story

Zero-waste recycling

Eureka Recycling knows that zero waste comes with building and maintaining healthy communities and that zero waste provides solutions to issues for climate change, local economies and environmental justice. As a key piece of a zero-waste strategy, Eureka provides various residential recycling services throughout the Twin Cities. Unique in the industry of recycling, it offers living wages with benefits to all employees and all its drivers are union members. From studies on the impacts of composting, to pioneering education about preventing wasted food, to hosting zero waste community events, Eureka is always pursuing new horizons, challenging assumptions and creating forward-thinking solutions for the benefit of the environment and the community. With a mission to demonstrate that waste is completely preventable, Eureka employs 110 amazing people with living-wage jobs who collect, sort, and market 110,000 tons of curbside recycling ever year. Eureka focuses on maximizing the amount that can be recycled by reducing its residual rate, the amount of collected materials that can’t be sold for recycling and must be thrown away. The national industry average of residual rate is 20%; Eureka’s rate is 9.9%.

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