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Chicanos Por La Causa

Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) is a diversified community development corporation that serves individuals and families with low to moderate income in the southwestern US. CPLC’s core mission is to drive economic and political empowerment in the people they serve to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Through their real estate portfolio, CPLC provides flexible capital to developers to meet the housing needs of their communities. CPLC focuses on single & multi-family housing, supportive housing services, neighborhood stabilization, rural housing, and housing counseling. For more than 50 years, CPLC has provided an array of bilingual and bicultural services to promote healthier and stronger communities. Today, CPLC impacts more than 306,000 lives through real estate management and investment, integrated health & human services, education, and economic development.

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Impact Story

A refugee with great hopes for his future

Ali is a recent refugee from Afghanistan with great hopes for his future in his newly adopted country. Ali faced multiple hardships along with a cohort of fellow refugees; his dream of a better life seemed to be slowly slipping away. Soon, the refugee program that had settled him in the US was no longer able to assist him and he needed to find a job or move out of his temporary housing. Desperate, Ali attended an info session hosted by CPLC about entering into the construction sector. Eager to learn and earn his way, Ali signed up for a construction OJT opportunity and completed the training over the grueling summer months. With no family and few friends, Ali struggled to make it to work each day via public transit, but through his hard work and dedication was hired full-time with an employer partner of CPLC at more than $17 an hour.

Ali's dedication to his work was not been in vain, as CPLC staff, and even staff from other organizations, took notice and helped him move into a new apartment, while also donating home furnishings and supplies. Over the weekends, CPLC staff have volunteered to teach Ali how to drive. He is also saving money to buy his own car and will soon take his driver's license test. Ali is an inspiration for CPLC staff and a reminder of the impact our work has on the individuals we serve.

Impact Story

Inspiring business owners to inspire others


Alan and Kare Williams have a continuing goal to serve their Tucson community. After a combined 50 years as First Responders in Tucson, AZ, they decided to take on the adventure of entrepreneurship by opening CrossFit Milo. CrossFit Milo was Inspired by Kare’s experience as a CrossFit athlete and coach; created with the intention to build a fun, supportive, functional fitness community with one constant reminder “train to keep training”. CrossFit Milo’s workouts are tailored to an individual’s fitness ability but in a supportive, group environment. They specialize in group functional fitness operating as a Crossfit Affiliate. Clients can expert high-intensity interval-style workouts, combined with elements of body weight, Olympic lifting, and gymnastic elements. CrossFit Milo provides an environment where various fitness levels can pursue any type of fitness goals. Their mission is to exceed expectations by providing an effective, safe, and fun fitness experience in a supportive group environment while celebrating the personal fitness achievements of each individual. From the day they opened clients have shared constant positive feedback, and CrossFit Milo just continues to grow because of the great response! Located just north of downtown in the Dunbar/Spring historic neighborhood, CrossFit Milo has been open since January of 2017 and looks forward to continuing to serve the Tucson community for years to come.

Impact Story

A bright home for retirees


Jilberto is something of a celebrity at CPLC Casa de Primavera senior apartments. His charm and carefree smile are always a hit, whether he’s laughing with other residents over lunch, greeting nurses as they pass in the hall, or dancing in the weekly Zumba class. However, things weren't always so bright for him.

Born in a small village in Mexico where his father worked in the fields on local farms, Jilberto dropped out of school early to become a cowboy. It was hard work but also a source of pride. As he grew older, Jilberto married and started a family. But after a few years, his wife left them, leaving Jilberto a single father to five children.

With dim economic prospects and a family to care for, Jilberto made an impossible choice: he left his kids with his parents and gave up his career to move to the United States. Here he could earn more money, providing his family a better life. Jilberto worked for many years as a dishwasher, landscaper, and custodian. All the while, he continued to send money home to his family. While he made it by, he had nothing left for retirement as his later years approached.

Fortunately, Jilberto found a home at CPLC's Casa de Primavera apartments, which provide subsidized housing for low-income seniors.

In 2018, CPLC announced a new at-home nursing program, AZRA, based at Casa de Primavera. The program sends nurses to the homes of Jilberto and many others like him to provide preventative health care. As an immigrant who still speaks primarily Spanish, Jilberto does not understand the intricacies of the healthcare system. Our home healthcare program greatly improves health outcomes, helping avoid costly and stressful emergency room visits by bringing bilingual care to people like Jilberto.

That personal care keeps Jilberto smiling. And Jilberto's smile brightens everyone's day at Casa de Primavera.

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